It's been three days now since you've stepped outside your door.

Outside, disease is raging. The government has warned all residents to stay indoors, to shelter in place; a week ago groceries were still considered essential, reason enough to venture into areas of contagion armoured with mask and gloves, but last you heard "reason enough" no longer existed. Keep your doors and windows closed, they said. Starve out the disease. There was some talk of chemical sprays being released from helicopters to combat whatever infection lingers in the empty streets, but you're pretty sure that one was a conspiracy theory

Regardless, here you are: trapped in your flat like a hamster in its cage. It wasn't so bad while you still had a hamster wheel – that is, a gaming console and a computer with internet access – but the power went out at some point last night, and in a stroke of extremely unfortunate timing you forgot to charge your phone just one night too many. You have no idea what's going on out there. Your closest thing to social contact is your own reflection in the mirror. And until the power comes back on, you're going to have to find a way to entertain yourself.


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I really enjoyed this game! I'd love to know more about what happened, but it also seems like the mystery is the appealing part. Either way, this game was a nice, short, experience.


I wish I could get as much cleaning done in real life as I did in this game (well, since all my studying and non-book-reading free time runs on electricity, in case of a long outage I probably would)! Nice work, I enjoyed playing through this.


To be fair, it's a lot easier to clean by just clicking a button than by, you know, actually cleaning. ;) Thank you!


The link back to the kitchen after eating a snack seems to be broken.

This has been fixed!

I very much enjoyed this experience. The subject matter is, of course, extremely relevant. I love the overall message as well. I just want to share that the very first thing I did in the flat was to check myself out in the mirror. Not sure what this says about me, but needless to say, it was an interesting ride from there. Well done!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Going straight for the mirror seems to be a common reaction, which I didn't really expect - I'd probably have designed it a bit differently if I had (and also had had time to second-guess myself).